Case Study
Project Title: Shell Mex Building Boiler Room Replacement
Client: 80 Strand
Location: Strand, London

Contract Overview:

Replacement of 4no gas fired shell and tube boilers of 2000kw each (8mw total output) including pumps, associated pipework and flue system.

The works included:

  • An extensive validation survey and report on existing services.
  • Design of new services.
  • Provision of design/working drawings and technical submissions.
  • Implemented a strategy to complete works consisting of 2 phases. Due to the complexity of the existing system we always ensured we had 2 boilers in tact and in operation.
  • This strategy included timescales and we were able to work in tandem with our client and also our suppliers.
  • Decommissioning of gas pipework, isolation and draining of boilers and associated pipework.
  • Strip out of redundant pipework, flues, pumps and boilers.
  • Boilers were stripped out methodically using a variety of tools but most importantly a high powered plasma cutter to cut into manageable pieces which were then disposed of.
  • Once boilers 3&4 were disposed of. New Hamworthy boilers delivered and put on the existing base.
  • New installation of boilers 3&4 including pre fabricated 6″ flow and return pipework and 4″ gas pipework.
  • New flue system installed and connected to existing flue riser. The route for the flue gases up the riser was checked and tested pre strip out to ensure no leaks present.
  • Delivery of new Weishaupt burners. These burners came complete with gas train and commissioned on site by the manufacturer to obtain optimum performance and warranty.
  • Process repeated for Boilers 1&2. (Phase 2)
  • New BMS panel installed.
  • Specialist testing and commissioning of new Hamworthy boilers and associated plant and services.
  • Provision of O&M manuals and record documentation.

We carried out these works from April – October 2022. The majority of works were carried out during normal working hours including several weekends. The Heventa team carried out the entire mechanical side of the works and we co-ordinated a vast number of specialist sub contractors to complete other works such as BMS, flue design & installation and water treatment. This was managed and co-ordinated by Heventa management and on site supervisor.

Client Feedback:

The client were impressed with not only the finished result of the project but how we worked together with them and our suppliers to overcome various setbacks such as delayed boiler deliveries and manufacturer faults.

Heventa’s Comments:

This was an interesting project to work on given the history of the building. It was a pleasure to work within this building and get the job done before the deadline. We hope to work with this client much more in the future! We would like to thank our subcontractors for all of their hard work in getting this one across the line.

All of our workers are highly trained with all necessary CSCS skills cards.
We have all recommended certs and qualifications for site work such as PASMA, IPAF, and Ladder association card.